All Square Cleaning IS your local Warwick hard floor cleaning service. Although mopping floors does remove some of the dirt, over a period of time a hard floor can become dull and lacklustre. In contrast, I use a range of cleaning products that are specific to each floor type. A heavyweight rotary cleaner is used to scrub the floor ensuring that uneven surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. Using a wet vacuum and rinsing system the loosened dirt is removed completely from the floor – not spread around like with a mop and bucket. Finally, Some floors will benefit from the application of a polish or sealant to help preserve them from damage or aid the visual appearance.


If you're looking to have your hard floors professionally cleaned, why not give me a call? Most enquiries start with the potential customer asking ‘how much to clean my floor?’ With experience it is possible to give an estimate but a fixed quote can only be given with a site visit and inspection. For a free, no obligation quote for your hard floor cleaning please contact me, Neil Worsnop, on 01926 492696 or complete the enquiry form below.


If you haven’t used a professional hard floor cleaning company in Warwick before, you probably have lots of questions so I’ve put together some some FAQs below. If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Professional cleaning can improve the appearance of a range of flooring types.

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I offer great value for money and always deliver the best results.
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Professional All Square Hard Floor Cleaning in Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth


I use the safest and best hard floor cleaning products and equipment to give your hard floor a deep clean.

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The best way to ensure you get the most accurate price for cleaning is to arrange a free, no obligation survey. That way, I can see exactly what’s involved and you’ll be confident that there will be no other costs that some other competitors may add on once they’ve completed the work.

    Hard Floor cleaning FAQs

    Yes. We only use cleaning solutions that are free of potentially harmful ingredients. The solutions are safe for children and pets, but my system removes virtually all traces of cleaning agents, so there is no residue left behind. If you’d like a copy of the information sheet, please ask.

    Unfortunately not. Sometimes the fibres have actually changed colour, or redyed, and no amount of cleaning can reverse this. Using the wrong cleaning product can actually set a stain which could otherwise have been removed. It helps if you are able to tell us the cause of the stain but there are no guarantees although often it is surprising what can be achieved.

    Stain protection treatments work by applying a protective layer on the fibres which repels liquid and reduces friction. Over time the covering can become worn away. A new coating can be applied after cleaning. The treatment buys time to have any spills or marks removed completely and we can advise on cost at the time of our inspection.

    To remove an odour you need to deal with the source. Spraying the air will hide a smell but not remove it. In the case of pet ‘accidents’ we use an anti-microbial solution during the cleaning process to kill the bacteria. Cigarette smoke, cooking odours and musty smells can all be removed successfully.

    What my customers say

    " Tony and I wish to offer our grateful thanks for the work you did on Tuesday to clean our suite of chairs and the carpet.We are delighted with the result and to say we were so impressed with the professional way in which you approached and carried out the task. "

    Mrs Lewis

    " I feel confident in recommending All Square Cleaning. Neil is thorough, easy to talk to, and always willing to take the time to discuss what options are most suitable for us! "

    Charlotte Steventon - Lockhart & Lace interior design

    " Neil is always our first choice for carpet and upholstery cleaning. We live in the country, we have an open fire and three cats, and I’m incredibly clumsy. There were stains on the carpet that we’ve scrubbed and scrubbed at – we didn’t expect brilliant results. What we got was a carpet that looked almost as good as new. Top marks Neil. He’s splendid at what he does, and he does it with a smile and cheery demeanour. Can’t recommend All Square Cleaning enough. "

    Mrs Fraser

    " Fantastic service and so pleased with the result! My carpets look amazing! 100 times better than you could do yourself. Will be using Neil again & wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service. "

    Mrs Windrum

    " Hi Neil, Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the carpet cleaning! I didn’t want to step on them they look so good! Thank you for such a thorough job. I will certainly recommend you! "

    Mrs Herlihy
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