I’ve only just cleaned my carpet and it smells

Another phone call today asking me to clean a carpet because it smells.  A few questions later and I’ve determined that the caller cleaned their own carpet with a hire machine a few days ago.  As it smelled a day later they cleaned it again with no improvement. I offered advice but when they insisted … Continued

Cleaning upholstery in Warwick

Today I’ve been cleaning carpet, rugs and upholstery in Warwick.  All went smoothly and the customer was delighted with the results.  It was an entirely standard sort of clean with only one area that needed a bit of extra thought applying.  This particular armchair is covered in cotton but the process can applied to almost … Continued

Why you shouldn’t steam clean your stone floor

Steam cleaners are cheap and easy to use so why shouldn’t they be used on stone floors? Simply put, using super heated water can damage the surface, increase the risk of staining, cause corrosion of metallic elements within a stone surface and cause salts to surface. Steam penetrates into the cracks and fissures of a … Continued

Carpet cleaning myths and truth

I go out everyday and talk to people about carpet cleaning in Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth – upholstery and hard floors too, but mostly carpets. I explain my process and often get asked questions. The same questions appear time and time again so I thought I’d put a few of them to bed. Carpets will shrink … Continued

Cleaning and restoration of tiles and grout

There are a lot of new build homes on  the edge of Warwick and many of them have tiled floors, especially in the hallway, kitchen and utility rooms.  You would expect a tile floor to be easy to clean and maintain.  Run a mop over it once a week and job done.  Unfortunately it is … Continued

Same type of carpet, different cleaning processes

Here at All Square Cleaning I have recently had the pleasure of cleaning carpet in a primary school, a church hall and some offices. I was reflecting on each job and realised that although they had the same type of carpet, low profile polypropylene, they were very different tasks. The church hall has heavy usage … Continued

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