Cleaning a limestone floor in Warwick

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Cleaning flagstone floor in Kenilworth

This house has recently had a renovation and the final task was to clean the stone hallway floor to remove all the dirt that had built up over the years and the more recent builders dust and debris. The floor was cleaned in a day and I returned a few days later to apply a … Continued

Removing a mystery stain from limestone

This was a fairly standard clean of a limestone kitchen floor in Leamington Spa with one notable problem area. This orange / red stain had been in the floor for years and nobody knew the cause. So the householder didn’t expect that it could be removed. I mixed a penetrating cleaner with a fine powder … Continued

Cleaning a very dirty tile floor in Leamington Spa

This tiled floor was looking like it needed a thorough clean. It is a covered, but open to the elements, porcelain tile floor at a car showroom. As well as oil and mud there were lots of tyre marks. A new resin floor had been considered but the customer was keen to see if a … Continued

Restoring a Karndean floor in Warwick

This Karndean floor has been cleaned thoroughly with a multi step clean and rinse process so that the surface is not only free from grit and dirt but also any residues from cleaning products. Once dry a new protective topcoat can be applied to aid maintenance cleaning and help resist damage from scratches. All Square … Continued

Low moisture carpet cleaning in Warwick.

Some carpets are particularly prone to shrinkage and the carpet in this article is one of them. Axminster carpets are woven and if the backing fibres, which are made of jute, get wet then the carpet can draw in on itself. Ordinarily this is not a particular concern as the wool fibres absorb the prespray … Continued

Cleaning travertine kitchen floor tiles in Leamington Spa

Travertine is a popular choice for kitchen floors as it is hard wearing and attractive. Over time though it can become dirty as standard cleans with a mop and bucket become less effective. All Square Cleaning has the equipment and knowledge to return the tiles and grout back to their original condition. The first step … Continued

Office carpet cleaning in Leamington Spa

Many of the buildings in Leamington Spa town centre have limited access to the upper floors making it difficult to carry heavy or bulky equipment in them for cleaning. With this equipment I can run a long enough hose to leave the machine at ground level and use a window for cleaning hose and power … Continued

carpet cleaning in Leamington Spa church

Church carpet cleaning in Leamington Spa

The rather large area of wool carpet in Leamington spa was fitted a few years ago in a church.  Over the course of a year since its previous clean it has seen a lot of foot traffic, quite a few spilt drinks, an occasional dropped cake and a fair share of candle wax splashes. It … Continued

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