How to remove a coffee spill from a wool carpet or rug

Coffee spill – don’t panic   It is bound to happen.  If not a full pot of tea, or a freshly filled cafetière, then a bump of the elbow that deposits a few decent sized splashes of your cuppa onto the carpet.  It happened to me last week at home. The rug is a flat … Continued

End of tenancy carpet cleaning

Having the carpet cleaned at the end of your tenancy is a requirement for many rental agreements.  The agreement will specify professional carpet cleaning and the agent will want to see a receipt for the work carried out. When asked to quote for end of tenancy carpet cleaning the outgoing tenant is focussed on price.  … Continued

Hard Floor Cleaning

The term ‘hard floor’ covers a great range of products and surfaces. Plastic, rubber, vinyl, ceramic tile, wood and laminate finishes and natural or engineered stone of many types. But why offer a hard floor cleaning service in Coventry and Warwickshire? Standard cleaning of hard floor surfaces generally involves mopping with a cleaning agent and … Continued

Carpet Cleaning Hotel Bedroom

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The demands of a commercial carpet cleaning customer are often very different to those of a domestic customer so I felt it worth writing a standalone article on cleaning carpets in a commercial environment. Typically carpets in offices, shops, restaurants and hotels see high levels of footfall and much of that is straight off the … Continued

Carpet cleaning church lounge

Maintaining commercial carpet

This is not the subject top of your list of dinner date conversations but it is of interest if you are a facilities manager and want to keep the accounts department happy AND keep the customers happy. It is a method with which you can keep on top of your floorcare in a manner which … Continued

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

In this article I will explain low moisture carpet cleaning and why it can be so benficial to commercial carpet cleaning customers. I shall also go over a few drawbacks and why it is not suitable for every occasion. Most carpet cleaning is a wet process and involves flushing the soils out of the carpet … Continued

Cost vs Value – choosing a carpet cleaner

Most enquiries start with the potential customer asking ‘how much to clean my carpet/sofa/rug?’ If only I had a fixed price list then this would be easy to answer. I can try and give an estimate or better still pay a visit and give a free, written quote. At this point it becomes clear that … Continued

Carpet Cleaning Rug

How to choose a carpet, rug or upholstery cleaner

So you’ve decided to get your carpet, rug or upholstery cleaned. Maybe you have a professional clean conducted every year or you feel that now is the time to get a deep clean. Naturally you want a good quality service and at a reasonable cost. Look in any local advertising and there will be choice … Continued

Caring for your carpet and soft furnishings

I will refer to carpets throughout this blog but the advice applies equally to maintaining rugs, sofas, mattresses and even curtains. Your carpets and soft furnishings represent a considerable investment in your home. Not only is there the financial outlay to consider but they make your home or workplace a comfortable and pleasant environment to … Continued

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