This was a fairly standard clean of a limestone kitchen floor in Leamington Spa with one notable problem area. This orange / red stain had been in the floor for years and nobody knew the cause. So the householder didn’t expect that it could be removed.

a stain to be removed from a limestone floor

I mixed a penetrating cleaner with a fine powder and covered it with a small piece of plastic taped around the edges. The cleaner soaks into the stone and when the plastic is removed it evaporates out through the powder. The stain is drawn out into the powder and can be vacuumed away. This took a few hours whilst I cleaned the rest of the floor.

showing a stain removed from limestone

Just one example of how a professional clean of your stone or tile floors can give results that a DIY clean cannot achieve. For a free survey and quote for cleaning your stone, tile or vinyl floors in Coventry and South Warwickshire you can call me, Neil Worsnop, on 01926 492696 or email

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