This tiled floor was looking like it needed a thorough clean. It is a covered, but open to the elements, porcelain tile floor at a car showroom. As well as oil and mud there were lots of tyre marks. A new resin floor had been considered but the customer was keen to see if a professional clean would be cheaper and less inconvenient.

The customer had already tried a pressure washer and a rented floor scrubber without success. That is where a professional cleaner with the right equipment, cleaning products and knowledge comes in.

cleaning porcelain tiles in Leamington Spa

Working in sections the cleaning product is applied with one of a variety of cleaning brushes or pads under a rotary cleaning machine. Once the cleaning product has been left to dwell and break down the soiling the floor is scrubbed again.

The dirty water and slurry is vacuumed off the floor before the floor is scrubbed again with a different cleaning product and vacuumed again to leave the floor dry and ready for use again.

cleaned porcelain tiles in Leamington Spa

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