The rather large area of wool carpet in Leamington spa was fitted a few years ago in a church.  Over the course of a year since its previous clean it has seen a lot of foot traffic, quite a few spilt drinks, an occasional dropped cake and a fair share of candle wax splashes.

carpet cleaning in Leamington Spa church

It will first be vacuumed to remove the dry debris, Christmas Tree needles and other bits.  Secondly, a WoolSafe approved cleaning product is applied with a sprayer and brushed into the fibres with a rotary machine and soft pad.  After a short spell to allow the chemistry to do its work the carpet is rinsed with a second WoolSafe approved product and the dirty water removed from the floor to the cleaning machine.  Finally, a soft brush is used to re-align the pile and get rid of my footprints.

Not only does the carpet now appear visibly cleaner it smells better, has been sanitised and had all the abrasive bits removed which can accelerate wear and tear.

WoolSafe carpet cleaning products ensure a thorough clean without harsh ingredients making it particularly suitable for Axminster carpets, Wilton carpets and any other wool carpet that has been fitted.

As a WoolSafe registered fibre care specialist and service provider I can advise on cleaning, maintenance and stain protection of all your wool carpets and fabrics.

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