sofa arm ready for stain removal
sofa arm ready for stain removal

This sofa looked a bit of a state at first glance.  But after I’d determined the fabric type and asked a few questions about the cause of the marks I was confident of a good end result.  This is the result of a DIY attempt to clean the sofa arm.  The soapy water has loosened the dirt, soaked down the arm and then dried leaving a tide mark of muck.

First task is to give all the fabric a thorough vacuum to remove hair, dust and debris.  Secondly a cleaning product is applied with a sprayer or sponge and gently worked into the fibres.

Once the cleaning product has had sufficient time to break up the soiling and detach it from the fibres it is rinsed out with hot, clean water.  The equipment removes the dirty water to a tank outside the house so there are no residues left behind and no risk of spillage when clearing up.

Whilst the fabric could be left to dry naturally I often use a number of small fans to circulate air and speed up the drying process.  I aim for everything to be touch dry before I leave the customer.

uphosltery with stain removed
upholstery with stain removed

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