Red wine spills are a common cause of concern and generate quite a few enquiries about their removal.  They are unsightly to live with and if you are in a rented property will attract a penalty from your landlord.

So if you do spill red wine (or coffee, hot chocolate, other liquid) try not to panic.  Use lots of dry kitchen paper or tea towels to soak up as much as possible.  When very little is being removed get several layers of paper towel and weight them down over the stain.  A thick book is ideal.  Leave for a few hours and more should be absorbed.

You might then try and remove any remaining stain.  Use a stain removing product or plain water to slightly dampen some paper towel and blot (never rub) the edge of the stain working inwards.  If colour transfers to the paper towel then keep going.  Don’t bother using washing up liquid, white wine or salt – you’ll cause more damage.

If you follow the advice above the stain may be removed completely – it may not.  And then that is when to get a professional in.  Training, experience, a selection of stain removing chemicals and the right machinery will all help the chances of stain removal.  Patience is always a virtue and the stain in the pictures below took me nearly two hours to get out.  Food and drink often contain colourings which need to be removed independently of each other.  For this I used three different products and lots of plain water but the end result is worth it.

If you need a stain removing from a wool carpet in Warwick, Leamington Spa or Kenilworth then you can give me a call on 01926 492696 or via my contact page.


red wine stain barford
red wine stain in wool carpet
red wine stain removed from wool carpet
red wine stain now removed from wool carpet
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