I go out everyday and talk to people about carpet cleaning in Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth – upholstery and hard floors too, but mostly carpets. I explain my process and often get asked questions. The same questions appear time and time again so I thought I’d put a few of them to bed.

Carpets will shrink if they get wet.

Generally this is not true. Most carpet won’t shrink. The few that can cause problems should be checked for correct fitting before cleaning commences. A professional will have the knowledge and experience to moderate the amount of moisture used to avoid any problems.
Most domestic carpet doesn’t shrink at all, Axminster and Wilton carpets with wool pile fibres can shrink if saturated and Wilton carpets with man made pile fibres, called Belgian Wiltons, can be wet cleaned but with care.

Carpets get dirty more quickly after they’ve been cleaned.

This problem arises with DIY cleans. The machines are underpowered and cannot rinse thoroughly enough. As they use soap based cleaning products some of the soap remains in the carpet. Dust and grit stick to the residue and dark traffic lanes begin to re-appear. Cleaning them again adds more soap residues and the cycle continues.
Professional cleaners use cleaning products which don’t leave sticky residues and the rinsing and vacuum process removes virtually all traces of cleaning product.
To summarise, clean it yourself and it may get dirty again more quickly. Get a professional in and it won’t.

The colours can run.

Generally not. Man made fibres will not have the colours run and virtually all wool carpets won’t either. This is a problem more likely to occur with rugs and upholstery – though still not frequently.
A good cleaner will check before commencing a clean if there is any concern and take measures to fix dyes that are unstable.
Value of the items is no indicator. One brand of high end upholstery is notorious in the cleaning industry for unstable dyes and that hand made rug you bought in Asia should be viewed with a cautious eye.
Mainstream, cheap stuff is likely to be bullet proof.

I want my carpet ‘steam cleaned’.

No you don’t. Steam is so hot that it could damage many types of fibre and would have limited ability to flush dirt out. Although the term ‘steam cleaning’ is a common one the industry refers to it as ‘hot water extraction’. A hot rinse in beneficial in most circumstances but some cleaners extoll the virtues of cold water rinsing. In general some heat is good but not essential.

Carpets dry faster in summer.

Not true. It is all to do with humidity. Carpet will dry faster on a cold, low humidity winter day than a warm, humid summer day as the vapour pressure is better. Leaving a window open and getting a breeze across the carpet is best whatever time of year.
My granny called bright, cold, windy days ‘a good drying day’. She wasn’t as daft as she looked.

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