There are a lot of new build homes on  the edge of Warwick and many of them have tiled floors, especially in the hallway, kitchen and utility rooms.  You would expect a tile floor to be easy to clean and maintain.  Run a mop over it once a week and job done.  Unfortunately it is not always so.

I was contacted by the owner of a new build house with tiles in the hallway, downstairs loo, dining kitchen and utility room.  Whilst the tiles looked fine the grout was a different matter.  In the kitchen it had turned from the original light grey into a stained mess, an uneven darker shade in most parts and black in the heavy footfall areas.

A quick demonstration showed how the grout could be cleaned back to the original colour but the customer wanted to know how to stop it getting so dirty again.  I suggested a sealant be applied to the grout.  This would waterproof it and stop the dirt bonding, making mopping easier and more effective.  I also suggested the grout could be re-coloured to a more forgiving colour so that it wouldn’t appear so dirty between cleans as well as fully seal it.

There are numerous colours available but we settled on charcoal grey. It also enhanced the colour of the tiles better than the standard cement colour.

First job was to clean the grout so the re-colouring product would bond properly.  Then the re-colouring product was applied and allowed to dry to bond to the grout.  It is a straight forward process to remove the excess, leaving the grout pristine in its new colour.  Finally I cleaned the whole floor to remove any traces of dirt and residues from the re-colouring process.

re-colouring grout
grout re-colouring product mid application

The whole job was done over two days as the grout needs to be completely dry before the re-colouring product is applied. It is possible to do smaller areas in a single visit by using fans to speed up the drying process.


The same process can also be used on bathroom and kitchen tiles and is a relatively cheap and mess free method of bring your tiled surfaces back to an as new condition.

  •  Changes the grout colour to a colour of your choice.  White, cream and charcoal being most popular.
  •  Less disruptive, less mess, cheaper and faster than replacing old grout.
  •  Leaves the grout sealed so new stains cannot bond.
  •  Enhances and lifts the appearance of tiled walls and floors.

If you would like to know more about cleaning tiles and cleaning grout or a full re-colouring restoration you can call me, Neil Worsnop, on 01296 492696 or contact me via my website,


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