The term ‘hard floor’ covers a great range of products and surfaces. Plastic, rubber, vinyl, ceramic tile, wood and laminate finishes and natural or engineered stone of many types.

But why offer a hard floor cleaning service in Coventry and Warwickshire?

Standard cleaning of hard floor surfaces generally involves mopping with a cleaning agent and hot water. Although this process does remove some dirt and improves a floors visual appearance the clean is really quite superficial. Look at the colour of the water in your mop bucket – that is being re-distributed back onto the floor with every mop stroke. Over a period of time a floor can become dull and lacklustre without anybody noticing.

The residues left behind by mopping don’t fully disappear even if using a good cleaning product. Using washing up liquid on a floor will only accelerate the further soiling. If you take a look next time your on a tiled floor in a public place you may well notice the grout is grey at the side of the room but black in the doorway. That is the result of allowing the dirt and soiling to build up. Hopefully you weren’t thinking of buying your dinner.

So how does a professional clean differ?

Firstly I have access to a range of cleaning products that are specific to each floor type and soiling. A heavyweight rotary cleaner is used to scrub the floor so that uneven surfaces get cleaned thoroughly. There is a range of brushes, pads and bonnets to ensure that all surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned.

Using a wet vacuum and rinsing system the loosened dirt is removed completely from the floor – not spread around like with a mop and bucket. The final part is to give it a rinse with plain water and remove that too with a vacuum.

Some floors will benefit from the application of a polish or sealant to help preserve them from damage or aid the visual appearance. Safety flooring should never have a sealant applied however. If you would like to speak about hard floor cleaning, for commercial or domestic customers, you can call me, Neil Worsnop, on 01926 492696. I’m happy to discuss your needs.

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