The demands of a commercial carpet cleaning customer are often very different to those of a domestic customer so I felt it worth writing a standalone article on cleaning carpets in a commercial environment.

Typically carpets in offices, shops, restaurants and hotels see high levels of footfall and much of that is straight off the street bringing in mud, water and other pollutants. Add to that drinks spills from coffee machines and other stains from food and these carpets can start to look a bit sorry for themselves very quickly.

As a business owner the impressions created by your premises are important and dirty flooring will create a negative impact.

So the key word for my commercial customers is ‘maintenance’. Having a regular maintenance programme keeps on top of the situation meaning that you are never faced with a battle to remove deeply ingrained soils or stains. The deeper the soils work themselves into the carpet the longer it takes to remove them – and that, of course, costs more.

So what is maintenance cleaning?

Typically this will involve low moisture cleaning which has several key benefits over traditional hot water extraction (often called steam cleaning).


It is quieter and uses much less water leading to very quick drying times. There are no hoses running around the building which is better for safety and it is possible to cover larger areas more quickly. Due to the type of cleaning action, the system provides on-going benefits as a stain inhibitor is built in.


In short you may find it beneficial in reduced downtime, costs and presentation to have a regular maintenance programme rather than a deep clean less frequently. To discuss a carpet cleaning maintenance programme you can contact me, Neil Worsnop, on 01926 492696. I cover South Warwickshire and Coventry and can advise you on our best options.


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