This is not the subject top of your list of dinner date conversations but it is of interest if you are a facilities manager and want to keep the accounts department happy AND keep the customers happy.

It is a method with which you can keep on top of your floorcare in a manner which is not prohibitively expensive, doesn’t disrupt the use of your building and will help the carpeting last longer.

I’ll cite a recent example of a job I did recently.

The church lounge has cream coloured, low profile carpet tiles and is looking very sorry for itself. The room is 80 sq/m and covered in spills from drinks and black sticky marks as well as normal dirt walked in from the street. Up to this point the church has had an annual clean which takes all day. The facilities administrator described it as being ‘very expensive’ hence it being done once a year.

I enter the equation because there is a wedding on Saturday and the bride would like the church lounge to look cleaner. So what can I do in the next few days, in a room which is in almost constant daily use? Can I do anything quickly, with reasonable cost and is there time? Friday morning or Thursday after hours if at all possible?

Happily, yes, I can tick these boxes using a low moisture carpet cleaning system. The basic idea is to use a certain type of cleaning agent that, along with a floor cleaning machine, breaks down the spills and marks and then dries. As it dries the cleaning solution forms crystals which encapsulate the dirt. The following morning the carpet is vacuumed and the crystals are removed from the carpet, taking the dirt with them. As an added benefit the system leaves behind a stain inhibiting coating which makes future vacuuming more effective.

This isn’t a deep cleaning system like a traditional steam clean but it does provide excellent results in a fraction of the time and at lower cost. This means that having the carpet maintenance cleaned four times a year costs less than having one deep clean annually. So it is cheaper, both in total and because the payments are spread out, and also gives you a pristine carpet four times a year instead of just once. Furthermore, as the maintenance will help keep the carpet in a serviceable condition for longer you don’t face replacement costs as frequently.

Carpet cleaning chuch lounge Carpet cleaning church lounge


This 80sq/m carpet took 1 1/2 hours from arriving to leaving so impact on the use of the room was minimal. It is quieter than the equipment required for a steam clean and doesn’t have hoses running around the building. Humidity levels are also lower – this could be critical if your room or office space contains computer equipment.

So if your customers are likely to make a judgement on your business as they walk in the door think about the benefits of a low moisture clean. It really is a win-win for everybody so long as it is done on a regular basis to keep on top of the dirt levels.

To enquire about low moisture carpet cleaning in South Warwickshire or Coventry you can call me, Neil Worsnop, on 01926 492696. I’m happy to survey and provide advice about devising a maintenance plan that will meet your needs.


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