In this article I will explain low moisture carpet cleaning and why it can be so benficial to commercial carpet cleaning customers. I shall also go over a few drawbacks and why it is not suitable for every occasion.

Most carpet cleaning is a wet process and involves flushing the soils out of the carpet with a pressured spray and vacuum recovery system. This is recognised as giving the deepest and most thorough clean possible. So you might ask, why do anything different?

This wet cleaning system involves hoses running across the floor, creates an amount of noise and will cause humidity levels to increase whilst the flooring dries. None of these are ideal in a workplace, even if the work is conducted out of hours.

So why low moisture?

Firstly there are no thick hoses to run around the floors and propping fire doors open. The system is very quiet so is unobtrusive and whilst some moisture is used it is applied more lightly and removed more completely. It is also possible to cover large areas quickly further minimising disruption.

So far this sound ideal but there are some limitations. It is best suited to low profile carpet often found in commercial premises and hotels and whilst it does remove dirt it won’t restore an abused carpet like a wet clean can. It is however ideal for maintaining a carpet in a good, presentable condition. A clean like this every four months will be better than a wet clean every one or two years.

What is the process?

The carpet is vacuumed thoroughly first to remove as much dry soil as possible. A spray is then applied to the carpet. There are several types of spray available, each with its own properties. Some are anti-microbial and will tackle odours, others are similar to traditional detergent and others leave behind a stain inhibiting coating on the fibres.

Once a small area, approx. 10m2, has been sprayed a rotary machine agitates the carpet fibres and spray with a brush or stiff pad. If any stubborn spots are found an additional burst of fluid can be added. So far, choice of spray apart, this is very similar to a wet clean.
However, now instead of using a spray and vacuum system a soft, absorbant pad is placed under a rotary machine. The spray, and the dirt it has loosened or dissolved, is absorbed into the pad which is rinsed and wringed out frequently.

The carpet is now clean and almost completely dry. But the action doesn’t stop here. As the solution dries it captures any traces of dirt and crystallises. This isn’t visible to the naked eye but when the flooring is next vacuumed these tiny particles are also removed.

In summary, low moisture carpet cleaning is:

• Unobtrusive
• Quiet
• Quick
• Fast drying
• Suitable for areas which need to be back in use quickly – hotel rooms for example
• Effective at deodourising and sanitising carpets

If you have any questions about low moisture carpet cleaning or would like to discuss why it might be suitable for your premises you can contact me, Neil Worsnop, on 01926 492696 or

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