Carpet Cleaning Advice

End of tenancy carpet cleaning

Having the carpet cleaned at the end of your tenancy is a requirement for many rental agreements.  The agreement will specify professional carpet cleaning and the agent will want to see a receipt for the work carried out. When asked to quote for end of tenancy carpet cleaning the outgoing tenant is focussed on price.  … Continued


Hard Floor Cleaning

The term ‘hard floor’ covers a great range of products and surfaces. Plastic, rubber, vinyl, ceramic tile, wood and laminate finishes and natural or engineered stone of many types. But why offer a hard floor cleaning service in Coventry and Warwickshire? Standard cleaning of hard floor surfaces generally involves mopping with a cleaning agent and … Continued

News & Updates

WoolSafe carpet cleaning

  Why choose a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider?   Wool carpets and upholstery offer several benefits over manmade fibre alternatives.  They are ecologically sound, are resilient to wear and soiling and if looked after will last for many years.  I decided to become a WoolSafe Approved Service Provider to demonstrate that I have the technical … Continued

I’ve only just cleaned my carpet and it smells

Another phone call today asking me to clean a carpet because it smells.  A few questions later and I’ve determined that the caller cleaned their own carpet with a hire machine a few days ago.  As it smelled a day later they cleaned it again with no improvement. I offered advice but when they insisted … Continued

Cleaning upholstery in Warwick

Today I’ve been cleaning carpet, rugs and upholstery in Warwick.  All went smoothly and the customer was delighted with the results.  It was an entirely standard sort of clean with only one area that needed a bit of extra thought applying.  This particular armchair is covered in cotton but the process can applied to almost … Continued

Stain Removal

How to remove red wine stains from carpets

How to treat a liquid spill

In the case of liquid spill then you should soak up as much as possible with white towelling or kitchen paper. Once you have most of the stain absorbed put more towelling…


DIY Stain Removers

Most DIY stain removers sold in supermarkets are a waste of time. Even if they clear up the stain a sticky residue is left which then attracts dust and a grey mark appears.

Arrange your FREE survey & quote

The best way to ensure you get the most accurate price for cleaning is to arrange a free, no obligation survey. That way, I can see exactly what's involved and you'll be confident that there will be no other costs that some other competitors may add on once they've completed the work.

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